Ethan Russell is a multi-Grammy nominated photographer and director. He is also the author of five books.

"Ethan Russell has taken some of the greatest pictures in rock and roll. Maybe the greatest ever." BILL WYMAN

"It struck me at once that his was no ordinary eye, and I found out no ordinary mind behind it. A quiet thoughtful man with a blinding vision. Enjoy his work. I do." KEITH RICHARDS

"Stunning." "Best printed book I've ever seen."

The Way It Really Was

The Rolling Stones 1969 Tour. The way it really was.

Trailer: The Beatles Get Back

In which Ethan appears three times :-)

Variety Review of Get Back Book

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News: Get Back Interview

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Part, present and future.

"Ethan Russell’s career in music photography seems like Chauncey Gardiner’s lucky journey in the film Being There." POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY

A Day in The Life