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Welcome to my new online store,  revamped to be more than the photos, more fun, more inclusive.  I had The Best Seat In the House, or certainly one of them; the only photographer to shoot album covers for The Beatles (Let It Be), The Rolling Stones (Honky Tonk Women, Through the Past Darkly) and The Who (Who's Next, Quadrophenia).


With my friend Annie Leibovitz I share a sentiment. I do not have two lives. My personal work, my music photography, my is all one life. Now it includes an Instagram feed, blogs, iPhone snaps of flowers or fog. Whatever seems fitting to share. Sometimes it is easy to do and sometimes it is hard. Difficulty is not the important measure.



My photos are archival, limited edition, museum quality. You can access them from almost anywhere on the site, see Collections or Search (above). There is now an Instagram feed and a blog.  Contact me if you have questions.