Ethan Russell is multi Grammy nominated author, photographer and director. He is the only photographer to have photographed album covers for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who.  About Russell, Keith RIchards said, "A quiet, thoughtful man with a blinding vision." 

BILL WYMAN: Ethan Russell has taken some of the greatest pictures in rock n roll..maybe the greatest ever

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE .Patience Please A Drug Free America Comes First (is) one of the great rock n roll photos of all time.

PETE TOWNSHEND: His contributions were poetic and dramatic. His photographs were what I would call “fine”: they felt like the classics of Paul Strand. They look ready to put up in the National Gallery. As an artist himself, Ethan is the civilised eye on an uncivilised art-form: rock n roll.

MICK JAGGER: "We trusted Ethan as an artist, which made him invisible to us, and which allowed his photographs to capture our most intimate moments.  You can see this in Ethan's remarkable book LET IT BLEED"

ANNIE LEIBOVITZ: It is important this work gets to be seen. Ethan was doing something no other photographer was doing at the time.