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The Rolling Stones Onstage at Madison Square Garden 1969


Stanley Booth wrote: "Jagger was grinding his hips…his mouth open wide in a big orgasmic smile, Hendrix was smiling as if saying This is it – the real rock n roll soup. I couldn’t see anyone who wasn’t smiling. Keith, his eyes closed, was controlling with nods and shakes the rhythm of the entire building. Charlie's rhythm and through him Bill's and little Mick's and Mick's – all the way to the back of the Garden…..Keith restring his guitar against his thigh ripping it up and down like a gunfighter drawin faster and faster, over and over, Mick by the edge of stage right moving backward in reverse motion picture fashion and sailed the the basket of red rose petals high out over the crowd where they hung for a moment as the Stones unplugged and ran, and then started slowly to descend, floated on the high ringing howl." from The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones.

QUALITY: All photographs are museum quality, archival, and signed and numbered by Ethan Russell. Prices vary by print size and size of edition, but all are for serious enthusiasts or collectors.  Select edition and size below.


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All prints are museum-quality, archival and individually signed & numbered. (Except "open" 8x10 editions, which are signed but not numbered).


"Ethan Russell has taken some of the greatest pictures in rock and roll. Maybe the greatest ever." Bill Wyman