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Jerry Lee Lewis "Spotlight" 8x10 Special


Shot in a recording studio in Los Angeles in the 1970s, the amazing fact of this photo is Jerry Lee came dressed in the clothes you see him wearing. This was in Los Angeles in the mid 70s, an era, if ever there was one, of the terminally hip. I found his wardrobe charming. All the other pieces of the photograph were improvised from items in the studio. I had come with the spot/strobe.


“We have scoured hundreds of images of Jerry Lee and think that yours is by far the most riveting and gorgeous and unique....You have an amazing eye. I can’t get over this photo--it is  sort of haunting and cool and odd, like a David Lynch movie...It is one of the snazziest, hottest, most beguiling music portraits ever.”


QUALITY: All photographs are museum quality, archival, and signed and numbered by Ethan Russell. Prices vary by print size and size of edition, but all are for serious enthusiasts or collectors.  Select edition and size below.



Prints are individually handmade on receipt of order. All prints, regardless of size, receive the same attention.


All prints are museum-quality, archival and individually signed & numbered. (Except "open" 8x10 editions, which are signed but not numbered).


"Ethan Russell has taken some of the greatest pictures in rock and roll. Maybe the greatest ever." Bill Wyman